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Boy In Space - On A Prayer
Artis Boy In Space
Judul On A Prayer
Album On A Prayer
Durasi 2:31
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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[Verse 1: Boy In Space]
I’ve been dead for days I just feel like a black hole
Got my head in space I’m alone where should I go
Everything we did is saved in a box full of Polaroids
And when I drink I don’t think so I call just to say hello

[Pre-Chorus: Boy In Space]
Never calling you out
Zip a lock on my mouth
Never figured it out
Love just went south

[Chorus: Boy In Space with SHY Martin]
I wish that I could turn my heart into stone
So I don’t have to feel what I feel when I’m alone

I’ve been burning pavement
Almost met my maker
Livin’ on a prayer

Need to change your face from the screen of my phone
Please pick up your stuff so I can finally let you go

Called in every favor
Devil was my neighbor
Livin’ on a prayer

[Verse 2: SHY Martin]
Guess how many steps that I took
Cuz I wanted you to be the one
That’s how many times I was building you up so you could let me down

[Pre-Chorus: SHY Martin]
Now I’m calling you out
Rip the lock from my mouth
I really figured you out
Love just went south

[Outro: Boy In Space]
I wish I didn’t have to feel this low
And I don’t know if I will make it home
To my mama’s basement
Livin’ on a prayer