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Chill Satellite - My Life

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Artis Chill Satellite
Album Single
Judul My Life
Durasi 3:29
Audio Summary 48 kHz
Ukuran 7.8 Mb
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Lirik lagu Chill Satellite - My Life

I wonder how clear it must look from there to here
No obstruction, this selfish corruption
All in this atmosphere

No fear, less tears, only time to catch my breath
I fail to inhale
Your love constricts my chest

Confusion blinded me, mental and physically
And it's because of you that now I can see
So now can I run? I follow the Son and ride on to Zion
And dance this last song of freedom

But only time will tell, if it's truly for real
Can't change your mind, all I know this is what I feel
Whether I'm wrong or right, please keep my life in sight
And never take you eyes off me

As I look up to the sky today
Well I can see you looking down on me
It brings a smile to my face again

It's truly one of a kind, like star shine, beyond night time, are you there
My eyes stare to find, just what's behind this blind notion of mine, is it genuine
Cause sometimes, it plays tricks with my mind, some call it asinine

But it's like love or hate, now is that real or fake?
Cause it's a real thin line, but that's your choice to make
The question at hand, help me understand, is this your plan?
I think I can, can I think, then I think I can

Because I won't break (nah), and I won't shake (nah)
With lifted hands to this Man (Jah), I'll stand in faith
I'll make it through, my trust in you
Close my eyes, make a wish, kiss the sky

Hey there?-I see you


Download lagu Chill Satellite - My Life hanya untuk review saja. Untuk mendukung artis Chill Satellite, silahkan beli CD lagu My Life dengan judul album Single yang original atau beli lagu My Life original di iTunes

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